Church Restoration

The Church in 2008
In the 1970s the altar was cut from the reredos, troche shortened and placed on the communion step, buy information pills an “apron” was added to give space in front of the altar. For weddings and funerals several benches had to be removed. The pulpit was lowered and one side was removed and destroyed.
The font was moved onto the sanctuary. All the stone work in the church was painted white which quickly turned grey; capitals etc were painted with metallic paint. The “linoleum” dates from 1950/60. The lighting system was installed  c1988 as a temporary measure.

Below: 2009 The sanctuary was restored to its original dimensions, the font removed, the benches and floor sanded and re-varnished.

2010: A new lighting system was installed the radiators were also moved to widen the central aisle
much of the paint has been stripped from the stone in the nave
Above: 2011 Midnight Mass
a stone floor was installed on the sanctuary in December 22nd, 2011.

Above: A postcards of the church c1890. Note the narrowness of the aisle, the apparent absence of lighting apart from candles in the sanctuary and the height of the original pulpit, which will be restored as an ambo.

We are indebted to our architect Deirdre Waddington for the work carried and its progress.

Baptistery completed:  23rd Dec 201.  A hardwood surround needs to be inserted between the floorboards and the stone floor.