Confirmation is a precious gift of grace won for us by Jesus Christ through his death on the cross. So if you wish your child to be Confirmed, cost you need to ensure that they receive this gift in the right way. Your family needs to be practising your Catholic faith. This means at the very least that you should be coming to Mass every Sunday. You also need to keep free all the dates in the Confirmation programme. Most important of all, online you must help your child to prepare seriously and actively to receive the sacrament.

Young people

Families are invited to enrol young people in Year 8 or above are invited to join the Confirmation Programme each year. For information for this year, medical please email Fr. Ray

If you miss all of the notices that are given in Church over a two month period, it is an indication that you need to begin to practise the Catholic faith, together with your child, (including Sunday Mass each week) to ensure that your child is properly disposed to begin preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation, perhaps next year.

It is not possible to enrol candidates for the programme after it has started because ours is a short but intensive programme.

See also our Confirmation FAQ page for frequently asked questions about Confirmation.



Adults who have not been Confirmed should contact the Parish Priest and arrangements will be made for them to receive the sacrament either on the occasion of the Bishop’s visit to the parish, or at the Confirmations arranged in the older form of the Roman rite at St James’s, Spanish Place in central London by the Latin Mass Society, usually in November. Families are also welcome to request this option for their children.

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