How to arrange your wedding at St. Mary Magdalen

First of all speak with Fr. Ray after Sunday Mass to arrange an appointment and fix a date for your wedding. Father will explain the various documentary procedures that need to be gone through both for the civil and the religious preparation for your marriage. These are usually all straightforward and Father will take care of them.

The cost of the marriage mainly depends on the couple, viagra 60mg not the Church. There is a standard fee for the registration of the marriage (the same as for a Register Office marriage) and couples normally make a donation to the Church. If an organist is required, viagra 100mg he will also need to be paid the professional fee for his services. None of these expenses come close to what is often spent on the photographer, the hire car or the reception.

If desired, a quiet wedding in the Church can be arranged at very little expense. The minimum required is for the couple to make the vows in the prescribed form, the priest to solemnise the wedding, and two adults to act as witnesses.

From the point of view of the Church, Father will need to be sure of the following:

  • Neither of you has been married before, either in a civil or religious ceremony
  • You understand that marriage is an intimate relationship for your mutual support and for the procreation and upbringing of children
  • That you are entering into marriage without any kind of pressure from anyone and that you wish to give you free consent to a Christian marriage

If a Catholic wishes to marry a non-Catholic, the parish priest or the Bishop will give permission provided that the Catholic party resolves to keep the faith, and to have any children of the marriage baptised and brought up in the practice of the Catholic faith.