this One or two people have asked what we can do about the current refugee crisis. As you may know Brighton Voices in Exile which works for refugees, viagra buy asylum seekers and the victims of torture has its office in the basement of my house the Presbytery, more about and uses the Parish Centre every Tuesday as a meeting place and clinic. It also feeds anyone who turns up.

ثنائي الخيار nairaland We already do a great deal as a parish, side effects and have been doing so for many years. Yet we need to do more! If you want to donate money make a cheque out to ‘Brighton Voices in Exile’. If you are an Arabic speaker or can offer other help, contact them on I notice their website has been hacked, maybe someone in the parish could offer to help them out. Unfortunately the funding they used to receive from the government has binära optioner hur gör man been pared back to nothing and they are working on an entirely voluntary basis, without our support they would not exist. One of the most useful things you could do is to write to your MP to plead for funding for them.


check out here If you do ‘Facebook’, why not befriend them there.

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