Day of Recollection with Fr Serafino Lanzetta FFI

Fr Serafino Lanzetta FFI

Men’s Group are organising a Day of Prayer on Saturday 27th March with Fr Serafino Lanzetta FFI who is now Assistant Priest in Gosport.

Previously he taught theology in Rome and had been described as one of the most brilliant Franciscan theologians of our generation.

I hope that during the Year of Mercy we will have regular Days of Recollection.

Fr. Ray


I would like to start something in the Parish for men, malady I am not entirely sure what it should be but men in Brighton so often live isolated lives and work crazy hours. Often they live lives that are highly stressed, in Brighton they are likely to suffer from stress and addictions and become the victims of homelessness and suicide.

In our parish we have lots very impressive men, remedy often they have had profound life experiences, that have given them deep wisdom and experience. The Church, families, the world, needs strong men, the Gospels are almost a manual for manliness, for being truly human, for brotherly love because Jesus Christ the God-man is our model in the service of God and the world.

If you think this is an idea which has possibilities, join me this Wednesday evening, after Benediction to put some flesh on my ideas and to share your own.

Why not come to Exposition and Benediction 6.30 –7.30pm, the meeting will end by 8.30pm.

Father Ray

A&B Jubilee – 40 Hours at St. Mary Magdalen


Our own contribution to the Diocesan Jubilee celebrations willbe 40 Hours of Eucharistic Devotion beginning on Monday 29th June at 8.00am and ending at midnight on Tuesday. It will be continuous going through the night.

On Sunday we will start signing up people to watch throughout the 40 hours and selling candles to be used to illuminate the Lord as we watch with him. There will also a collection flowers over the next few weeks.

We will need men to watch and pray through the night, dosage and retired people pray through the day, we need everyone to invite their friends to this time of grace and healing.

Mercy – Parish Retreat – First Day

Our parish retreat started this morning. We had Mass at 10am followed by Stations of the Cross. This was led by Brother Gregory from the Premonstratensians. Fr. Stephen then gave a blessing with our parish relic of the True Cross followed with an opportunity for veneration of the relic.

There are pictures of this available on the parish Facebook page.  Please do try and join us during this retreat. Full programme is as follows :

Parish Retreat 20th-22nd March
St Mary Magdalen, medications Brighton

Fr Stephen Morrison O.Praem. and Br Gregory Davies O.Praem.

Friday 20th March

9am Morning Prayers and Devotions
10am Mass (with confessions until 11am)
11am Stations of the Cross
Noon – Soup lunch (Presbytery)
3pm Divine Mercy Devotions and Chaplet
7pm Mass (Traditional Latin Mass – Premonstratensian Rite )
7:30pm- 8:30pm Holy Hour and Confessions
8:30pm Rosary and Benediction

Saturday 21st March

9am Morning Prayers and Devotions
10am Mass (with confessions until 11am)
11am Via Matris/7 Sorrows of Our Lady Devotion
3pm Divine Mercy Devotions and Chaplet
7pm-8pm Holy Hour and Confessions
8pm Rosary and Benediction

Sunday 22nd March

9am Morning Prayers and Devotions (Confessions until Mass)
10am Rosary
10:30am Solemn Mass
3pm Divine Mercy Devotions and Chaplet
4:30pm Closing Prayers before Blessed Sacrament exposed
4:45pm Benediction
5pm Mass (Ordinary Form)
6:30pm Mass (Traditional Latin Mass – Premonstratensian Rite )

Confessions will be heard throughout the Retreat

Rosary Procession of Reparation in Honour of Our Lady

Procession last year

Saturday, approved December 6 at 6:00pm – Please click this link to be taken to the event on Facebook. Please share with as many people as possible.


Starting at 6pm we will process from the Church to the Clock Tower in Brighton. There are some pictures available on the parish Facebook page of last years procession. Please do try and come along, this was a huge success last year.

St Patrick’s Evangelisation School (SPES)

The team of young women from SPES based in Soho are coming on Wednesday afternoon.

– We still need accommodation for three of them.
– We need people to go out with them – I have given up on asking young men- if you want to assist sign the list or make contact with them when they are here.
– We need help with catering – vegetarian as it is Lent.
– We need people to pray before the exposed Blessed Sacrament – sign the list at the back of the Church.

The praying is important, sickness we can do nothing without God and the intercession of the Saints, generic even if you haven’t signed up to pray do drop into the Church. The members of SPES say that when people are praying miracles happen!

Apart from Exposition and Benediction on Wednesday and Stations of the Cross and Traditional Mass on Friday, on Thursday (weather permitting) we will have Stations of the Cross along Western Rd at 7pm led by SPES, we’ll start in the Church.

You are invited to Coffee in the Presbytery after Services on Thursday & Friday to meet the SPES team