The Holy Eucharist

At every Mass, cialis 40mg we participate in the redeeming sacrifice of Christ. At the consecration, approved His body, visit this site blood, soul and divinity are made present under the appearances of bread and wine. We offer our own sacrifice of adoration, thanksgiving, sorrow and petition in union with the ends for which Our Lord offered the sacrifice which takes our sins away. If properly disposed, we receive His body and blood in that sacred banquet which is the food  and life of our souls and the pledge of eternal life.

Every Catholic is obliged to assist at Mass on every Sunday or Holyday of Obligation unless prevented by a reasonable cause such as illness, the care of infants or the sick, or an excessive distance to travel.

Although many elements of the rite are common to all Masses, there are some variations in the celebration. Our Masses are celebrated as follows:

10.30am Sunday

This is our most solemnly celebrated Mass of Sunday. The Mass is celebrated in English, facing Eastward, as a sung Mass with incense, and acolytes adding greater visible solemnity to the celebration of Mass. The ordinaries of the Mass, those parts such as the Creed, Gloria and the Agnus Dei, are sung in Latin.

12:30pm Sunday

We have had a Polish community in Brighton since after the Second World War. This Mass is a sung Mass celebrated in Polish.

5pm Sunday

This is a quieter celebration without music. The Mass is celebrated in English, in the newer form of the Roman rite, with the priest facing Eastwards. Some of our teenagers prefer to come to this quiet Mass.

6:30pm Sunday

The Mass is celebrated in Latin, facing Eastward, as a Low Mass in the “Extrarodinary form” (the older form of the Roman Rite). Booklet missals are available at the back of the church for those not familiar with the older form of the Mass.

10am Monday to Saturday

The weekday Mass is a quiet, meditative occasion. If the day is a Feast or a Solemnity, there are sometimes hymns and other elements which highlight the celebration.


Occasionally, on feast days, the Mass is celebrated as a Missa Cantata, with greater solemnity. This is a sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form.


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